Different Way to Remember The Way We Were

We have all seen many of those nostalgic slideshows that remind us of the good old days when things were simpler. Bill Moak, a LHS classmate, posted this on Facebook. It takes us back to those days in a somewhat different manner.

Post a comment and us know what you thought. Did it bring back fond memories?

Looking forward to seeing those of you  joining us for our 55-Year Reunion on September 15th.

Until next time.


LHS 2015 Summer Reunion Party DVD AVailable

LHS003_edited-1 FB

Click on the figure to view the DVD trailer.

On September 19th, Gini Yegsigian hosted the the second annual LHS Summer Reunion Party. This year the party was open to the graduating classes of 1961-1964.

About 70 people attended this year, which was a tremendous increase over last year’s group. I suspect future editions are going to be the must-attend event of the summer.

If you were not able to attend this year, there is an 11-minute DVD that will clearly show you the fun you missed. The DVD was compiled and produced from the many photos contributed by several people by Ron Secory and Don Stouder. Those who went to the reunion will be receiving their DVD shortly.

For those of you who were not able to attend, you can receive a copy for $5 by sending a check payable to Don Stouder at the address below.

Don Stouder
26812 Via Desmonde
Lomita, CA 90717


Leuzinger Summer Class of 62-64 Reunion Party Extended to Include the Class of 1961

Party Invitation

That’s right, the class list has now been expanded to cover Leuzinger graduating classes from 1961 through 1964.

Also, Gini’s phone number is somewhat hard to read in the flyer. It is (949) 830-3351. It will help us out if you would begin to RSVP. It is not necessary to send any money yet. You can send it later, or pay at the door. We’re just trying to get a handle on how many people to expect.

There has already been a lot of interest. If you are planning to attend from out of town, there are hotels nearby, one quite close to Gini’s house with reasonable rates, the Fairfield Inn.

Mini-Reunion This Coming Weekend

It’s been awhile since I posted anything here. Quite understandably, there has been little news to pass on. Unfortunately, our In Memory list has grown by one. As previously posted, Karen Martin passed away in January.


I recently sent out an email to everyone about the mini-reunion Gini this coming Sunday, June 22nd. Unfortunately, as is often the case, an email comes back as being undeliverable. This time, Richard Johnson’s email address is not valid anymore. If anyone is in contact with Richard, please have him email me so I can get him back on the list.


Remember, if you change email addresses let me know. We do not want to lose you. Just in case you did not get the email regarding the mini-reunion, it is repeated here.

 Hi Everyone,

 I realize this is awfully late. But Gini Yegsigian is having a gathering at her home on Sunday, June 22nd from 4-8 pm. What started out as a simple opportunity to see Ron Secory from the class of 1962 while he is in town from GA has mushroomed into a full-fledged mini-reunion. We’re hoping that as many of you as possible can attend.

Below you will see Gini’s phone number and address. I have no information about what you can bring or donations. So please RSVP to Gini directly to find out the answer to those questions.

We hope to see as many of you as possible, especially those of you who were unable to attend our 50th Reunion.

 ginis party





LHS Class of 1963 Missing List Updated

I just posted the latest version of our Missing Classmates list. The 133 people on the list represent about one-half of our class. Hopefully, there are people on it that are not missing at all, and you know how to contact them.

If that is the case, please leave a comment or email Don Stouder at donstouder@ca.rr.com and let us know how we can contact them. If you are on the list, please do the same. You do not want to be like Tom Sawyer.

Our 50th Reunion is not that far off. It is not too early to begin searching for our classmates who have gone missing.

To see the list, CLICK HERE.

Thanks a lot.

Senior Class Picture Revisited

Two or three years ago I converted a copy of our Senior class picture into a short video clip and uploaded it to YouTube.  The resultant quality was disappointing. Technology has changed alot since then. I decided to upload it again, but this time to Vimeo. The quality is much better, which made watching it it even more enjoyable. I can easily recognize everyone.

Do you recognize your friends, yourself? Before you watch the video, do you remember who you stood or sat by? I hope you enjoy watching it half as much as I do. Thanks goes to Ilona Lehet Thompson for loaning me her copy of the original photo. Starting with the photo and creating the video was an interesting project. What memories does watching the video bring back for you? Share them with us with your comments. Here is the link.