2006 Mini-Reunion in New England

Mini LHS Reunion in New England

October 20-23, 2006




During the weekend of October 20-23, 2006, Gerald Miwa and his wife Barbara hosted a mini-class reunion at their beautiful home in Concord MA. Not only were those attending able to experience the breathtaking colors of fall in New England, they were also treated to a tour of Concord and Boston and the many historical sites in the local area. Their tour guide was none other than Gerald, a certified guide. The number of attending was not large, but they all agree that getting together with old friends in such a beautiful setting could not have been better. Those attending the mini-reunion are listed below:

Tom and Judy Hawley

Richard and Gail Liebig

Gerald and Barbara Miwa

Steve and Millie Mortenson

Harry and Elaine Nieves

Shigeru Watanabe



Our Hosts

Photography by Shig

Click on the link below to see a gallery of some photos taken by Shig during the weekend. It may take a couple of minutes or more to download, but it is definitely worth the wait.

Fall 06 Photo Gallery



Which, by the way is not that far off – 45th is coming in 2008




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