Missing Classmates

As of April 9, 2016, there are a total of 114 classmates on our Missing Classmates list. That is about one-third of our class for whom that we have no information.

As you look through the list, please leave a comment on this post concerning any errors or information that would help us locate them.

Alternately, please email Don Stouder any information you may have these classmates at donstouder@ca.rr.com.

11/07 Araujo Ernest
11/01 Atwood Gary
1/13 Barber Dwayne
1/13 Barnett Frank
1/13 Barosko Tom
Basham Irene
Blancarte Martha
1/13 Blurton Doreen Teller?
12/14 Boal Brian
Boatwright Jim
1/13 Borromeo Clem
1/13 Bradley Richard
Bradshaw Carol
06/08 Brubaker Randy
Buris Pat
11/07 Burt Marcia Ferrie
Bussey Genie
Cade Camille
Campbell Barbara
7/12 Campbell Jack
09/05 Canavier Bill
Carter Gary
Casala Linda Taormina
Castillo Carmen
Chandler Judi
06/04 Chappell Donna
Coon Jim
1/13 Cromwell Hershel
Delgado Edward
05/06 Dengler Georgena Applebury
Ferguson John
1/13 Fowler Patricia Anne
1/13 Frushon Mike
9/05 Garcia Ray
Gardener Janice
Garrett Loretta
3/08 Gerolympou Olga Fotopoulou
Gerson Ken
Gibson Christine Peterson
Goodwin Norman
7/01 Greenway Ray
1/13 Harris Janice Chilton
Hernandez Lolita
04/98 Huddleston Gaye Hyatt
Jennings Patsy
7/98 Johnson Clara Peters
10/12 Juarez Louis
7/95 Kaufman Kaye Kent?
Kendall Nancy
Kinkead John
Kirby Gary
La Belle Claudette
Leader Liz Alvarez
Lepper Mike
4/98 Mayfield Eleanor Wattenberg
Mayfield Ernie
McConnell Roberta
McDaniel Paul
8/00 McDaniel Mike
Mendenhall Marjorie Doyle?
Montoya Eleanor Delgado
08/06 Moore Doyle
Morris Gary
Mowry Cynthia
7/95 Mullaly Christine Mersereau
9/05 Nolan Lennie
O’Gorman Pat Cole
Oney Lila
Owens William
6/95 Pabst Kenny
Page Linda
Palm Betty
8/00 Palmer Mark
Parrish Dan
08/08 Pearson Diane Hardy
Pederson Dee
11/02 Potter Robert
Proulx Claudette
06/08 Puckett Rene c/o Ginger Bowman
7/98 Rivas Ed
12/99 Rivas Ron
Roberts Bob
06/03 Roseberry Steve
Ross Charles
Ryan Diane Santana
1/03 Ryan Jim
Schilling Linda
Schuarh Carol
Scott Fred
Serrano Irene
8/12 Sims Jim
3/98 Sloss Frances Land
Smith Robert
6/95 Speth Ken
Strong Diane
1/13 Swanson Arlen
Tanhichodik Vipapan
11/02 Tetler Mary Rose
8/12 Thompson Jack (Walker)
Toledo Mary
Traylor Owen
6/95 Trebendis Mary Fay
Valdivia Maria
Viera Connie
06/04 Wade Toni Barnes
Ward Sharon
Waters James
11/15 White Bonnie Fitch
Wiles Karen
Williams Dennis
Wilson Camile
Wyatt Roger
Young Jack
Zavas Truman

Thank you so much!

18 thoughts on “Missing Classmates

  1. Jerry, Brian Boal is alive & well. I’m living near Hesperia after 33 years with L.A. County Sheriff. I run a small consulting business and have become a gentelman farmer/rancher. Still with my wife of 44 years (Rene’e Falk from Bishop Montgomery H.S in Redondo Beach). I stay in touch with Dolly Wagner (Virginia Barnhouse) Jimmy Limoges, Bill Rentz and Mike Linde.

    • Hi Brian,

      I’m glad you found us and commented here. As near as I can determine, you have been on our Missing List for a very long time. Now that we have your email, I’ll add you to our email distribution list right away. I’ll also remove you from the Missing List shortly. So we can update our class list, could you email me your home address/phone? Thanks.

      Do you prefer to be called Lester? Let me know and I’ll up date our reecords accordingly.

      Finally, it appears that Jim is also on our Missting List, although the version that is posted here does not reflect that. Could you email me his home address/phone, and email address if he has one? Again, thanks a lot.

      Here is my email address: donstouder@ca.rr.com

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  3. I am proud to have been a fellow ball player and classmate with you. I cannot imagine a private residence handling that many people. I look forward to seeing UUUUUUUUUUUU. Could not help with the missing class mates, I think Olga Gerolympou may be too far. Call on me I’ll help in any way I can.

  4. Thanks a lot for the offer to help, Tomas. We might very well call on you at some point.

    Actually, Gini’s home worked pretty well for one of our get-togethers in the mid-90s. We were both inside and outside. I don’t remember how many people came, but itwas a good size crowd.

    Take care my friend.

    • Hi Joan,
      I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to Approve and Reply to your comment. Normally, I get an email that tells me someone has commented, Somehow that did not happen. Thank you for the tip regarding Francis Sloss. I will follow up on it.

  5. I am very sorry to hear Karen passed. I only knew her for a little while. Karen and I attended the Sophomore Sweetheart dance together. My condolences to her family. If you concider this an intrusion, forgive me. I was just searching old friends on the internet. Tom Meyer

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