Mini-Reunion This Coming Weekend

It’s been awhile since I posted anything here. Quite understandably, there has been little news to pass on. Unfortunately, our In Memory list has grown by one. As previously posted, Karen Martin passed away in January.


I recently sent out an email to everyone about the mini-reunion Gini this coming Sunday, June 22nd. Unfortunately, as is often the case, an email comes back as being undeliverable. This time, Richard Johnson’s email address is not valid anymore. If anyone is in contact with Richard, please have him email me so I can get him back on the list.


Remember, if you change email addresses let me know. We do not want to lose you. Just in case you did not get the email regarding the mini-reunion, it is repeated here.

 Hi Everyone,

 I realize this is awfully late. But Gini Yegsigian is having a gathering at her home on Sunday, June 22nd from 4-8 pm. What started out as a simple opportunity to see Ron Secory from the class of 1962 while he is in town from GA has mushroomed into a full-fledged mini-reunion. We’re hoping that as many of you as possible can attend.

Below you will see Gini’s phone number and address. I have no information about what you can bring or donations. So please RSVP to Gini directly to find out the answer to those questions.

We hope to see as many of you as possible, especially those of you who were unable to attend our 50th Reunion.

 ginis party





1 thought on “Mini-Reunion This Coming Weekend

  1. Hello everyone! I am mailing some OLD PHOTOS to Gini today (3/24/16) in hopes she will place them in our memorabilia. The ID of those in the pics might be a fun guessing game – a hint is that the subjects are from a neighborhood in Gardena, CA. I am sorry to say that I have already made reservations and will be in Kauai on Sept 24th, playing with my 21 year old granddaughter. I will arrange to order a DVD and hope I can recognize some of my classmates! All is going well in San Diego and I am open to a visit from any of you when/if you come to the sunny city to play.
    Margaret Emig Hollins
    Class of 1963

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