Poker Group Reunion 2006


Poker Reunion

On the weekend of March 13, 2004 a group of old poker buddies from our class got together to play a few hands. The idea to get together was Joe Reeve’s and the event was hosted by Harry Nieves. Harry had been on our Missing List, but he is not anymore. I’ll let them tell you about it.

From Harry:

It’s Harry Nieves. This weekend I hosted a reunion of LHS former poker players: Gerard Miwa, Shigeru Watanabe, Royal Linden, Steve Mortenson, Gary Crone, Roland Pfaff, Joe Reeve and Norman Kajikawa (65).  It was Joe Reeve’s idea and he was able to round us up. 

From Steve Mortenson:

Our poker group had a splinter reunion this past weekend.  Joe had the best picture, so I’ve attached it.
Back row:  Royal Linden, Steve Mortenson, Gary Crone, Norman Kajikawa (class of ’65), Gerald Miwa, and Shigeru Watanabe
Front Row:  Joe Reeve, Rollie Pfaff, Harry Nieves, and Rollie’s wife, Nancy.  By the way, the class of ’65 cleaned us out in the poker game, though Gary held his own.  Everybody was healthy and prosperous.


Gerald has added individual pictures to the collection. Now we can get up close and personal.

clip_image003 clip_image005
Gary Gerald
clip_image007 clip_image009
Harry Rollie’s Wife, Nancy
clip_image011 clip_image013
Joe Norm (Class of ’65)
clip_image015 clip_image017
Rollie Royal
clip_image019 clip_image021
Steve Shigeru


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