Classmates With Known Email Addresses

Revised 1-15-18

Below is the list of our current classmates who are on our email distribution list. We have chosen to omit the actual email address from the list below. If you would like to contact someone on the list, please email Don Stouder, and we will immediately forward your note to the individual. Most of us have elected to have our email addresses visible to others that receive the email. However, we do have a private list that uses the blind courtesy copy approach so that no other recipient of the email sees your email address. If you would like to be placed on that list, please let us know.

We use this distribution list to keep you up to date on upcoming events and other news of interest to our class. To get on our email distribution list or to update your email address, simply email Don Stouder.

We all use spam blockers to control the junk mail coming into our email address. Please put Don Stouder’s email address ( on your good guy list, or you may not receive our emails nor remain on the list.

First Last MARRIED   First Last MARRIED
Alan Aoki Judy Best Hawley
April Satow Riessen Karen Kay Farrar Hall
Arnold & Sharon Bein Ken Kehrer
Barbara Long Ken Ledenbach
Barbara Rigg Scheel Kendall Holt
Barry Barcroft Kit Herring Cole
Barry Shandre Larry Stiefel
Ben Warner Leila Amash
Bob Blair Jr. Leslie Butler Barr
Bob Edwards Linda Atkinson Sikorske
Brian Beebee Linda Finfrock Ocello
Carl Olson Linda Nichols Bowley
Carol Creighton Williams Linda Wolfe Mickelson
Carol Guetti Adams Lonnie Perdue
Carol Huber Whetstone Lynne Reynolds Miskei
Carol McClenahen Rouser Margaret Emig Hollins
Carol Yoshida Hamada Mark & Sharon Freeman
Caryline Bennett Koons Marlea Pulver Mormann
Christine Glenn Borg Marsha Blankenship Herrick
Chuck Fusco Marsha Irelan White
Dan Verrier Marvin Parish
Dave Akins Mary Walsh Rigg
Dave Dukeman Michael England
David McLeroy Mike Hoover
David Simpson Mike Spitzer
Dee (Juanita) Francis Brewer Mike (Eric) Peterson
Dell Kerns Nancy Briggs Nordstrom
Dennis Carden Nancy Langton Rush
Dennis Parker Neil Obright
Dennis Schad Nina Nance
Dennis Smith Ola Mae Brown Johnson
Diana Del Castillo Roberson Pat Cadwallader Lawson
Diane Borkowski Thorpe Patti Palmer
Diane Weldon Jaffe Paul Jorgensen
Diane (diAnne) Tallman Gregorius Paula Battreall Cates
Don Purtell Paula Terry Lochner
Don Stouder Petra Day Bray
Donna Baker Mielke Phil Sowers
Donna Jeziorski Forbes Ray Creal
Donna McLaughlin Endress Richard Dominiak
Donna (Peggy) East Kestner Richard Faith
Dorothy Ongman Marcott Richard Fortier
Dorothy (Dottie Moore Richard & Gail Liebig
Elaine Anderson Rita Roney Mundis
Elaine Hawkins Ritter Robert Pinney
Elaine Soucy Lindsay Robert B. Adams
Elbert Kelley Roger Lemieux
Erin Davidson Galusha Roland Pfaff
Ernie Case Ron Allison (Devish)
Gail Fisher Liebig Rosa Fong Ruiz
Gail Laney Dyke Rowene Stein
Gary Crone Roy Turnwall
Gary Story Royal Linden
Gary Weiner Ruth Nelson O’Brien
George Adelmann Sal Romeo
Gerald Miwa Sandra Boll Adams
Gini Yegsigian Garner Sandra Slater Pinkston
Guy Ginty Sarah Crespin Gilliland
Harry Nieves Scott Gilmore
Harry Smith Sharon Barnes Freeman
Holly Bovitz Kallner Sharon Gross Edwards
Ilona Lehet Thompson Sharon McCormick Bein
Jack Hulsey Shigeru Watanabe
Janet McClelland Sapp Shirley Pletcher Hines
Janet Rivenburg Faison Sindy (Cindy) Hilton Froman
Janit Neal Williamson Steve Kasten
Jean Wilders Arriaga Steve Mortenson
Jeanette Malkovich Walker Susan Kupp
Jeannine Wiedensohler Baker Susan Mays Pitts
Jeff Dietel Suzye Maycumber Lawson
Jerry Charles Sylvia Davenport Franke
Jerry Johnson Ted Leverette
Jim Breneman Terry Hansen
Jim Limoges Terry (Teresa) Armour Warner
Jim Ross Tina Edmundson Volk
Jo Anne Wine Newell Tom Olson
Joanne Thomas Diehls Tom & Judy Hawley
Joe Aaron Tomas Temprano
Joe Reeve Tony Ridio
John Hays Trish (Patty) Birmingham Murdoch
Vicky Sechrist Boydd
Wes Rizor



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