The Way We Were

This page features some glimpses into who we were, what we did, and what it was like when we were at Leuzinger. Some of the material has already been on our web site, but some of it is new or presented differently.

Our Senior Class Picture as a Video

Do you recognize your friends, yourself? Before you watch the video, do you remember who you stood or sat by? I hope you enjoy watching it half as much as I do. Thanks goes to Ilona Lehet Thompson for loaning me her copy of the original photo. Starting with the photo and creating the video was an interesting project. What memories does watching the video bring back for you? Share them with us with your comments. Here is the link.

Our Senior Pictures From the Pylon

Click on the link below to see how we looked in 1963. The link is to a video slide show hosted on Vimeo. You should be able to view it full screen with reasonable clarity. You probably will have to guess at the names, if you don’t recognize the person.

The music in the background is the song “1963” by the Four Seasons. You can also hear me reciting the address I gave at our graduation. It’s not good, but it does add some historic insight. Besides, you can always turn down the volume. 🙂

LHS Class of 1963 Senior Pictures

Remember These Theaters?

Curious about whatever happened to the theaters we used to go to on Friday nights?  The link below opens a PDF file that may help bring back a lot of memories.

South Bay Theaters Plus

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