Senior Class Picture Revisited

Two or three years ago I converted a copy of our Senior class picture into a short video clip and uploaded it to YouTube.  The resultant quality was disappointing. Technology has changed alot since then. I decided to upload it again, but this time to Vimeo. The quality is much better, which made watching it it even more enjoyable. I can easily recognize everyone.

Do you recognize your friends, yourself? Before you watch the video, do you remember who you stood or sat by? I hope you enjoy watching it half as much as I do. Thanks goes to Ilona Lehet Thompson for loaning me her copy of the original photo. Starting with the photo and creating the video was an interesting project. What memories does watching the video bring back for you? Share them with us with your comments. Here is the link.

3 thoughts on “Senior Class Picture Revisited

  1. Don,

    Just checked out the remake video of our class picture. This is really outstanding and it was great to be able to see how handsome and beautiful we all were! Thanks for your thoughtfulness in redoing this for all of us to enjoy. It brought back wonderful memories.


  2. Thanks for the great work on this truly historic photo. I even found myself (how 60’s). I was in the same row as Gerald and you, Don. Next to me are Dave Dukeman and Steve Mortenson. Never realized how many pretty girls were in our class. I was too shy and immature to get to know most of them. However things always work out in the end. It has been a blessing to be able to reconnect with my classmates. We really had an outstanding group of individuals.

  3. Hey Don,

    Thanks for doing this work for us. I cannot find
    myself among the group but that is no surprise.
    It is wonderful to see the others and hard to believe
    that you can recognize folks by the way the shadows
    fall on their faces.

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