Our 20th Reunion Picnic

I took this video with a VHS camcorder at our picnic the day after our 20th Reunion. That was some thirty-five years ago! The quality sucks, but even with that we all looked good AND very young.

I recognize most everyone in the video. There is even a clip or two of some of our kids.

It was fun for me to look at this again.

Climax to the Poker Group’s 2017 Road Trip

In September, Leuzinger 1963 classmates, Gerald Miwa, Gary Crone, Shigeru Watanabe, Steve Mortenson, Norman Kajikawa (65), and I met in Santa Fe, NM to go on a week-long road trip in NM, AZ, and CO.

This video was shot and produced by Gerald. It captures what was described as the highlight of the trip by him and the others. I can see why. Unfortunately I headed for home one day early and missed out on the experience. My bad.

Gerald Video