August 20th Zoom Meeting

Hi Everyone,

As you know we had another one of our class get togethers via Zoom last Thursday. Not many of you showed up, but Dave Simpson and Gerald Miwa joined us for the first time.

At some point, Tina came up in our reminisces, and we recalled our 45th Reunion in 2008, that Tina and her husband, Phil Volk of Paul Revere and the Raiders attended.

That gave me an idea. Soon after the reunion, I made a DVD that was then distributed to all those who attended. The DVD also included a bunch of Gini Yegsigian’s pictures that she had taken back in 1962 and 1963. They show pictures of classmates from both years. Another interesting note, the first part of the video includes songs by Tina from her CD. Remember she was on the Dick Clark’s, “Where the Action Is” TV show as Tina Mason.

I thought you might enjoy watching the DVD, so I posted it on YouTube. Here is the link.

/Come join us next time!

Climax to the Poker Group’s 2017 Road Trip

In September, Leuzinger 1963 classmates, Gerald Miwa, Gary Crone, Shigeru Watanabe, Steve Mortenson, Norman Kajikawa (65), and I met in Santa Fe, NM to go on a week-long road trip in NM, AZ, and CO.

This video was shot and produced by Gerald. It captures what was described as the highlight of the trip by him and the others. I can see why. Unfortunately I headed for home one day early and missed out on the experience. My bad.

Gerald Video

2017 Classes of 1961-1965 Reunion Party Has Come and Gone

The 2017 edition of the Leuzinger HS Classes of 1961-1965 Reunion Party was held on October 7, 2017. As has been the case for the past few years it was hosted by Gini Gardner (63). About eighty people from these classes attended this year.

It was stated previously, that this would be the last party of this type that Gini would be able to host. However, for those of us who attended, the prevailing hope is something like this can be pulled off next year and in the future.

For us, the Class of 1963, our our 55th aniversary is coming next year. Those at the party that I talked with were universally in favor of having a Class of 63 Reunion in 2018. I would really like to hear your thoughts on this. Either email me ( or leave a comment below.

For those of you who were not able to join us, below is a YouTube video showing the group photo that was taken.

2017 LHS Reunion Party