In Fond Memory

Updated 10-15-21

First Last MARRIED
Bill Berger  
Bill Dillard  
Bob Beal  
Brian Boal  
Charles Clark  
Dave Dukeman  
Dee (Juanita) Francis Brewer
Dennis Parker  
George Adelmann  
Gerald Miwa  
Guy Ginty  
Jeannie Weldon King
Jeff Phillips  
Jeff Dietel  
Jerry Jacobsen  
Jim Ketler  
Joe Suarez  
John Seminsky  
John Jones  
John Augustus  
Karen Martin  
Lee Gooding  
Lee McGeorge  
Leonard Jackson  
Linda Shields Koons
Lyle Goodwin  
Lynn Reitz Bernat
Margaret Bradley Parga
Marietta O’Neill Smith
Marilyn Whipple  
Mark Freeman  
Marsha Cockran Bell
Mary Castiliano  
Mary Carson Garcia
Mary Ann Weidele Kelly
Michael Gibson  
Mike Hoover  
Mike Kupp  
Patricia Koos  
Richard Dominiak  
Robert L. Adams  
Roberto Garnica  
Roger Lemieux  
Ron Graham  
Ron Wedworth  
Sandra West Longworth
Sharon McCormick Bein
Sharon Stussy Parker
Steve Cirillo  
Steve Graw  
Susan Dewar Guilfoyle
Terri Snyder Grover
Terry Collier  
Terry (Teresa) Armour Warner
Tina Edmundson Volk
Tomas Temprano  
Valerie Davis Thomas

6 thoughts on “In Fond Memory

    • Thank you for noticing that, Mike. Actually, the last time I updated the In Fond Menory list, I inadvertently cut the top part a bit. I’ll take care of it right away. John Augustus is also no longer with us.

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