2017 Classes of 1961-1965 Reunion Party Has Come and Gone

The 2017 edition of the Leuzinger HS Classes of 1961-1965 Reunion Party was held on October 7, 2017. As has been the case for the past few years it was hosted by Gini Gardner (63). About eighty people from these classes attended this year.

It was stated previously, that this would be the last party of this type that Gini would be able to host. However, for those of us who attended, the prevailing hope is something like this can be pulled off next year and in the future.

For us, the Class of 1963, our our 55th aniversary is coming next year. Those at the party that I talked with were universally in favor of having a Class of 63 Reunion in 2018. I would really like to hear your thoughts on this. Either email me (donstouder@ca.rr.com) or leave a comment below.

For those of you who were not able to join us, below is a YouTube video showing the group photo that was taken.

2017 LHS Reunion Party


Reminder: 2017 LHS Summer Party

The multi-class 2017 LHS Summer Reunion Party hosted by Gini Yegsigian is coming before you know it on October 7th. Now is the time to reserve your place. There is an attendance limit that is likely to be reached. The flyer below has all of the details.

Remember, this is the last year that Gini will be hosting this party. You do not want to miss it! Share this with your friends.

6-30-17 LHS2017-2party

In Memory of Classmate Dave Dukeman

Our classmate, Dave Dukeman, has passed away. For those of you that are not on Facebook, here is part of a recent post there.

“[He] served as manager of the College of the Redwoods Bookstore for 25 years. He also worked for more than 35 years as a small engine mechanic at Western Chainsaw in Eureka, which he always considered to be his fun job.”


OBITUARY: David Lee Dukeman, 1945-2017

David Lee Dukeman, age 71, of Eureka, passed away peacefully in his home on Sunday, May 21, 2017, surrounded by his wife and sons, after a battle with lung cancer.

Here are a couple of classmate comments:

Neil Obright David was a joy to know in David was a joy to know in high school and I am so sorry to hear of his passing.

Gerald Miwa: I am profoundly saddened by this news. I was not as close to Dave as some other classmates but, it seemed, every several years we connected as in El Camino, our 25th and 50th reunions and some email exchanges through the years. During these contacts Dave always made me feel welcome and it seemed the years since our high school life had not occurred. I will miss not being able to reconnect with him again. I will miss you Dave.

Gyasi Zardes – Giving Back to Hawthorne

I have to admit that I did not know who Gyasi Zardes was until I read an article about him in this morning’s LA Times.

Gyasi Zardes

Since one of my granddaughter, Lucy, plays soccer, I do follow her exploits, and to a lesser extent women’s soccer. But I do not know much about the sport beyond that. I do not follow the local Galaxy MLS team. Additionally, I have never even heard of futsal.

This article introduced me to Gyasi Zardes and the great work he is doing for Hawthorne and kids growing up there. Gyasi went to Leuzinger, staring in both soccer and football.

Reading this article brought back many fond memories of Hawthorne and the surrounding area. I was a coach at Memorial Park for the Hawthorne Parks and Recreation Department during college. I also grow up in Moneta Gardens – an unincorporated part of Hawthorne. Things were different then.

As it turns out, about a week ago I dropped by a life celebration for John Baker, the father of www.cougartown.com. This website is a must place to visit for anyone wanting to relive growing up in the South Bay.


The gathering was held at the Fosters Freeze (yes its still there) near 119th and Hawthorne Blvd. This was the local hangout for Hawthorne High students, where we from Leuzinger tended to gather at A&W – at least I did.


Almost right across Hawthorne is Chips restaurant – one of my favorite places to end a date. Much has changed along the boulevard since the 60s, but these two landmarks have endured.

2017 LHS Summer Reunion Party

It has been quite awhile since I posted anything new on this particular blog. But just in case anyone still monitors it from our class or other LHS alumni, I want to let you know the latest regarding this year’s edition of the LHS Summer Reunion Party hosted by Gini Yegsigian and coordinated by Ron Secory (62) the past few years.

The date has been set – October 7, 2017.

Here is the latest info from Ron. For those of you who are familiar with this party from previous years, note we have expanded the years to include the Class of 1965. So this year, the last year it will be hosted at Gini’s, classes from 1961-1965 are invited. That basically maxes out Gini’s home for the expected number who will be attending.

Here is the latest flyer.


Below is some additional information from Ron.

Hello Classmates,

My first note is to say that we have not heard from anyone in the ’65 class. The contact I had from Juliene has not responded to my email. So if anyone knows who is the contact point for ’65, please have them get in touch with me.

I have attached a flyer for you to send with your emails to your class. There will be more details on the next one about “The Hills” hotel where Gini is coordinating to block a dozen or so rooms for LHS people. Out-of-towners loved this and we had 10-12 people stay there last year including myself. They discounted the rate by about $20 per night. The hotel has a bar, restaurant and dance floor and we all meet on Fri night for a fun pre-party. Please include this info in your email to classmates.

Important items to note:

  1. This is the last year at Gini’s home. There may still be parties after that (we hope) but none at her home. A big thanks to her for hosting this for 4 years. So don’t miss this one.
  2. 2-3 more flyers to come with more details as we plan. Just look for them as we will spread them out.
  3. As I have been in charge of trying to keep track of those coming and those not; those who have paid and those who have not…we are changing the procedure slightly. As is mentioned on the flyer, we want all payments/checks to go directly to me instead of Gini. This will make it easier for me to tally. Please point this out in your emails.
  4. Any information, concerns, or questions can be sent directly to Gini or me if you like.

Hope to see all of you there.

Ron Secory  ’62

For those of you who have not attended previous Summer Reunion Parties, you have really missed out. Ask anyone who has attended in the past, and they will definitely confirm that this is one LHS alumni party you do not want to miss!


Hope to see you all there.

Take Care,

Don Stouder(63)


Another Trip Down Memory Lane in So Cal

I never really tire of looking at old photos and videos of what Southern Clifornia and the South Bay looked like fifty-plus years ago. This was not the last time we saw rain, but sometimes it seems like it.


This link to a slew of old photos was emailed me by classmate, Janet Sapp, or CrusinJan as her email handle reads. I thought you might enjoy them as well as I did. Most of the pictures not from the South Bay, but they certainly bring back many memories for me.

Thanks, Janet!

Lot of still photos, but worth it, some real gems here all the way to the end.



If you have some favorite links to old photos and videos you would like to share, include the link in a comment or email it to me.

Until next time…



Some Very Sad News

I am afraid I have to pass on some very sad news.

Derek, Ilona’s husband, passed away on January 1st. I am sure many of you knew Derek, from past reunions.

He had fallen about 3 weeks earlier and was taken to emergency where they found dire health concerns.  He was in intensive care for about 2 weeks, then moved to a “recovery facility”.  It was more than he could come back from.

Below is a photo taken from a recent reunion in 2014. Derek is in the front row on the right.