The Way We Were Page Added

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I have just added the subject new page. It’s a slide show of our senior pictures from the Pylon. The slide show can be viewed full screen with reasonably good quality. However, you will probably have to recognize the person in the picture, since the writing is not very clear at all.

The presentation also includes background music, and the address I gave at our graduation. I came across the speech in an old audio tape my dad had made shortly before graduation. He called me out back to his worshop  and asked me to recite it for a letter on tape he was making for my grandmother. The speech is not that good, nor presented that well. However, it does give a glimpse into what we were thinking about in June 1963.

I would like to think that the “we” above is  appropriate. I’m sure my assignment and intent was to reflect our  class. However, you have to remember that it was given by a future engineer, and thus science and technology were prominately mentioned.

Vietnam, the Civil Rights Movement, and the assasinations of JFK, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy had not happened yet. In fact, June 1963 was probably more like the Fifties than  what was to await us as we moved further into the decade.  

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More Nostalgia From Our Web Site & Email

In this post, I have listed pretty much the rest of the memory-lane-type site links that are currently listed on our web site as well as others emailed  me over the years that never quite made it to our web site.

This one is from Grant Newton (58) by way of my sister.

A great music site. I think I received this link for the first time from a student of mine.

Gary Crone passed this test along in March 2007. He said he got 18 right.
History 101 Exam

I really like this one that Diane Thorpe (Borkowski) emailed in December 2007.

This one has cool music and some cool ca photos. Some of you may have similar ones back then.

Here’s another one from Diane that is a little different.,0,1036393.blurb

Again from Grant Newton (58)

This one is from Paul Jorgensen.

I recently got this one from my cousin, Stan. Just type in any song and see what happens. After the song is played, other songs from the same era are played. Interesting and fun to boot.

This one is from another one of my digital photography students.

50 years of images in 3 minutes .. just awesome .. enjoy!!

Prepare Yourself – For those of a “certain age” this is rather like having your entire life flash before your eyes – (so I am told…)

This is great…. Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy a review of 50 years of history in less than 3 minutes!

Thanks to Billy Joel and someone from the University of Chicago with too much time on Google!

Just click on the link below. When the song starts  it helps to click on ” Lyrics ” in the lower right. Use the full screen option on the upper left if the images are too big or too small.

I received this one from Paul pretty recently. You may want to check it out reasonably soon. Movies of this type tend to come and go due to the copyright cops.

Subject: Dueling Pianos 
Sit back and enjoy something you don’t see every day, all 3 playing pianos on the same stage at the same time. 
Brace yourself and make sure your sound is on because this show will rock you out of your seat.
..Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis & Fats Domino all on stage at the same time playing their very best of their hit music! 
This is a once in a lifetime appearance and one you will not forget! Ron Woods and others playing ‘Back-Up’. A ‘Cameo Appearance’ by Rod Stewart. All directed by Paul Schaeffer . 

Well, there you have it. I have included those links that I have been keeping waiting for the time to post them on our web site. Actually I had more, but when I went to the link several were no longer available.

I know there are tons more out there. But I am going to move on to other things I want to make available here.

Thanks to all who contributed these links. By the way, I have been listening to a lot of cool music as I was typing this. Great fun.

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A Little Nostalgia

Hi Everyone,

Other than my welcome, this is my first posting to this blog. I want to pass along an interesting link emailed to me a couple of weeks ago by Carol Williams (Creighton). To quote her:

“It will bring back a lot of memories of our cowboys and the music is great!”

Just click on the quote above and enjoy. 

Actually there are nostalgic links posted on our web site. My plan is to move all of these links this blog. Perhaps I’ll devote a permanent page here to gather them in one place. Stay tuned.

Well that is all for now. Don’t forget, you can add comments if you like. Don’t hesitate to comment and add to the comments of others. That’s what makes blogging fun. One more thing, blogs are layed out in reverse chronological order, with the latest post at the top of the page.

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