A Little History about Leuzinger

For those of you who are not Facebook members, you may not have seen this short summary of our high school or the link to the YouTube video.

I don’t think any of the water polo and swimmers are from 1963, but the photos should bring back some fond memories. Fellow Olympian is the Facebook poster for this summary and YouTube link.


Leuzinger’s Olympic Swimming Pool

The 1932 Olympics, hosted in Los Angeles, coincided with the first graduating class at Leuzinger High. In exchange for volunteering the campus for staging in the Olympic Games, the school was allowed to use the Olympics logo and call itself the Olympians. When The Summer Games returned in 1984, The O.C. tried to take back the name and rings, but the school gave them a copy of the agreement written in 1932 giving the school permanent use.

The Swimming Pool was originally built and used for The 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. Retired Teacher and Counselor Mike Milling says, “Good to see Don and the water polo team. One thing; Leuzinger High School’s pool was 25yds long. Olympic-sized pools are 50 meters long.”

Time has taken the swimming pool away along with other venues. All that’s left are the memories we share, the mascot name and our school logo.

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