50th Reunion – Optional Trip to Catalina

For those of you who have been following our blog and reading our emails regarding our upcoming 50th Reunion, you know we are planning an optional trip to Catalina on Sunday, September 8th. The prime summer season for Catalina ends the prior weekend, the Labor Day weekend, so it is unlikely that long lead-time reservations, or any reservations will be needed.

Click here to see the boat schedule and cost.

This will be a great way to cap off your Reunion Weekend! Come see how little Avalon has changed since 1963. By the way, the golfers among you may want to check out the golf course on Catalina. The boat schedule certainly can accommodate a round of golf while your on the island.  Click here to find out more.  

3 thoughts on “50th Reunion – Optional Trip to Catalina

  1. Don, I think that is a wonderful idea. We would like to be included on the trip. Can we all try to go at the same time? And maybe lunch together as you suggested…


    • David, “Can we all” what? Everyone is invited to go on the Catalina cruise, even if you cannot make the reunion itself. Like everyone else, you need to make your own arrangements.

      Now is that what you were intending to ask? 🙂

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