Free Reunion Ticket Lottery

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Everyone on our email distribution list, should have received the email repeated below.

Remember, the contest ends June 15th!

Have you been putting off buying your reunion ticket, waiting for a former classmate to show up on the Who’s Attending List.

Are you living in Southern CA and would most likely be able to attend without even needing to stay overnight? Many of you do.

Have you communicated with a former classmate about both of you and/or your spouse attending, but neither of you have actually bought your tickets?

Have you already bought your ticket, and wish one or more of your classmates would join you at the reunion?

Well, this is what you have been waiting for.

What’s better than a 50th reunion?  Getting it for free!

We have a short-term opportunity to pass on to those of you who plan to attend, but just haven’t pulled the trigger and sent in your money yet.  A classmate who can’t attend has donated the cash equivalent of a couple’s ticket.

Every new attendee who signs up and sends their money to Dave Akins by June 15th will be given a lottery ticket for each reunion ticket they buy (a couple counts as two tickets).  At the reunion, the lottery tickets will be used in a drawing, with the winner to be reimbursed for two reunion tickets ($230 cash).  A single classmate can actually make money by attending if he or she signs up now.   Of course, a couple can only break even, at best, and there’s probably a joke buried in that observation somewhere, but I digress.

Just to be fair to everyone who’s already paid,  if you have someone you want to see at the reunion that hasn’t signed up yet, call them or email them NOW and get them to commit.  When they pay, ask them to identify you as their “sponsor” and we’ll set aside a lottery ticket for you, too, for every time you’re identified as a sponsor.   And of course, anyone who purchases a ticket now can recruit other classmates and increase his or her chances of winning by becoming sponsors themselves.

We’ll keep tabs of everyone who commits between now and June 15th, as well as their sponsors. When checking in at the reunion, lottery tickets will be issued for everyone buying a ticket during this two-week contest period, as well as their sponsors.  we’ll issue your ticket and those for any one sponsor you designate at that time.  Designation of a sponsor will be completely voluntary and done on the honor system: if they were instrumental in getting you to commit during the time of this offer, they qualify for a sponsorship ticket  if you say they do.  If you choose to not designate a sponsor, you increase your own chances of winning.  If you name a sponsor, you’ll be rewarding them for making the reunion better by ensuring your attendance.

The Honorable David Akins will be the sole judge of what ticket purchases have been received during the contest period.

One final note, if you know of a classmate you want to work on, but do not know how to contact them, email Don Stouder at We will provide you our best contact information for them.

We need your support!

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