Missing Classmates List 6 of 6

I have posted five installments of our Missing Classmates list. You can see each one of these posts by scrolling down this blog. In this post, I have included the sixth and final installment. I chose to break our total list into pieces in these posts, so that we could focus a few classmates at a time.

Please look through this final list. If you know how to contact any of the people on it or know how to contact a sibling or close friend, please email me the information.

Also, as I said early on, if you would like to volunteer to find a friend you have lost track of since high school, please let me know. I will send you the latest leads that will hopefully help you reconnect with them. Having you do this would be very helpful to us. We just don’t have the time to research and run down each one of the potential addresses/phones for the over 120 classmates that are missing.

Also, if you know what city or state one of our missing classmates last lived, that would be very helpful as well. With that information, we can generate much better leads as to their whereabouts.

Remember, you can view the complete list at the link below, which we keep updated as the list changes – hopefully getting smaller.


Remember, do not forget to order your tickets to our 50th Reunion. You do not want to miss this. It may very well be our last reunion, at least on the scale of this one. If you have any questions regarding the reunion that are not available online at the link below, do not hesitate to email me. If you have a question, most likely there are others who have a similar one.

Now for the sixth and final list.

Strong Diane
Suitor Kathi Trombley
Tanhichodik Vipapan
Tetler Mary Rose
Thompson Jack (Walker)
Toledo Mary
Traylor Owen
Trebendis Mary Fay
Valdivia Maria
Viera Connie
Wade Toni Barnes
Ward Sharon
Waters James
Weidele Mary Ann Kelly
White Bonnie Fitch
Wiles Karen
Williams Dennis
Wilson Camile
Wyatt Roger
Young Jack
Zavas Truman

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