Class of 1963 Missing List–No. 5

At the bottom of this post is the fifth of our series of missing classmates. We have one more list in our series, which will be posted in a few days.If you have any information regarding where they last lived, friends or relatives who might know something about please email me the information. Also, the committee can also use help in following up on leads that we have received, by calling or emailing a postcard to potential classmates. If you have someone who you would like to volunteer to track down, please let me know. I will provide you the lead information we have collected.

For our 1963 classmates, if you have not done so yet, please take the survey and let us know whether or not you would like to have our 50th Reunion have a 50/60s Theme. Here is the link.

It’s time to think about ordering your tickets to our 50th Reunion. Here is the link for that.

Don’t hesitate to email me any questions or information you have about our missing classmates.

Ok – here are the names.


Pabst Kenny
Page Linda
Palm Betty
Palmer Mark
Parrish Dan
Pearson Diane Hardy
Pederson Dee
Potter Robert
Proulx Claudette
Puckett Rene c/o Ginger Bowman
Pulver Marlea Mormann
Ridio Tony
Rivas Ed
Rivas Ron
Roberts Bob
Roseberry Steve
Ross Charles
Ryan Diane Santana
Ryan Jim
Schilling Linda
Schuarh Carol
Scott Fred
Serrano Irene
Shandre Barry
Sims Jim
Sloss Frances Land
Smith Robert
Snyder Terri Grover
Speth Ken

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