Missing Classmates List–No. 1

Now that the Holidays are all too quickly coming to an end, it is time to begin looking forward to our 50th Reunion coming in September. Remember, the early bird special for buying your tickets ends March 31st. All of the details regarding how to secure yours is here:


Of the approximately 350 classmates, we are still missing about 130. The committee really needs your help in trying to locate and contact them. They are all listed here:


I will be periodically posting a series additional lists of a few of our missing classmates. We have some possible leads (addresses and a few phone numbers) for each of them from a database search. Here is how you can help.

1. Select one or more names that that you would be willing to help search for. Email me the name or names and I will send you what information I have on potential leads. I’ll also make sure you have contact information to provide them.

2. For many of these people, we do not even have a last known city or state. If you know this information for one of those listed, please email me.  It would be a big help. I will then run a more focused search, hopefully yielding better information.

3. If there is anyone on our total Missing List that you would like to help find, don’t wait for their names to appear this series of posts. Let me know who they are and I will send you the search results we have for them.

As you probably suspect, most of the leads in these reports will be dead ends. But I can tell you from personal experience that, when you do locate a missing classmate, it is  extremely rewarding. Some may say that if a missing classmate has not made an effort to reconnect, they may not have any interest in doing so. That may be true. But I think the more likely scenario is they will be very appreciative and happy that someone from HS thought enough of them to seek them out. It may even encourage them to attend the reunion.

Here is the first batch of names. Others will be forthcoming in subsequent posts. Please help us find these people. Even if you cannot take up the search for someone, let us know any information you have about them that may help us. A late postscript – This post was emailed to our class yesterday. In less than 24 hours we were able to locate two people on the list below.

Thanks so much for helping.

Araujo Ernest
Arredondo Tom
Atwood Gary
Barber Dwayne
Barosko Tom
Basham Irene
Battreall Paula Cates
Blancarte Martha
Blurton Doreen
Boatwright Jim
Borromeo Clem
Bradshaw Carol
Brown Ola Mae Johnson
Brubaker Randy
Buris Pat
Burt Marcia Ferrie
Bussey Genie

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