A Visit to Leuzinger?

Many of you have not lived in the South Bay for some time. We thought visiting Leuzinger might be a cool thing to do at some point during our reunion weekend.

There has been a lot of controversy, legal activity, and local news regarding renovating the school. The finger buildings (Bldg 5, 6 etc) have already been torn down. I have not followed this closely, but the main building and the boys’ gym are still there as well as other buildings.

What form our visit takes would depend upon the willing participation on the part of the school administration,  and possibly what day we visit – Friday  afternoon or Saturday. It could vary from a private tour to an informal cool-pooled drive-by.  But first we want to make sure there is some level of interest.

There is a simple survey below. Please take a minute to respond, even if you are not sure you will be attending.

For those of you who are Facebook members, you may want to check out this Facebook page to follow/participate in saving Leuzinger’s legacy.


If you have not bought your reunion tickets yet, I urge you to do so. Remember the early bird special does not last forever.

2 thoughts on “A Visit to Leuzinger?

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  2. Yes it would be fun going back to our old stomping grounds. I know it must have changed a lot since we were there. But it was those old storming grounds that brought us all together and made such wonderful memories.

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