From Classmate Dave McLeroy

Thanks for the kick in the butt!  I thought about suggesting a park with good accommodations/picnic but not enough votes for ‘other’ so then tried and true will work for me.

I have been working as hard as my sons who are 27 and 47 years old.  The business is like a mistress that demands more attention than my wife.  Your time and efforts are very much appreciated in spite of my lack of feedback to date.  I will cook if that is necessary in any venue.

My latest (last two years) past time is ridding BMX bikes.  My health is good and we eat out of our garden all year long.

Thanks for being the “Dad”, you always were dutiful and responsible.  I have become more like you as I get older….and wiser.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Dave (Red)

[I believe Dave has a landscaping business.]


2 thoughts on “From Classmate Dave McLeroy

  1. I had a landscape business from 1975 to 1991. Working for companies like HP and other fortune 100 and 500 companies. While working for world class engineer mentors we evolved into a Software As A Service company and sold off our book of contracting business to a large LA firm who wanted to be in the Silicon Valley market. We have been providing high-tech water management and QC software in the cloud since 1991.

    • Hi Dave,
      As you have read above, I am so sorry that I have not replied/approved your comment. To keep the spam down, I must approve each comment before it is posted. I am supposed to get an email whenever anyone posts a comment. For some reason that did not happen. At any rate, thanks for giving us a brief peek into what you have been up to the last 50 years. You’ve wet our appetites. How about filling in a few more blanks by completing the Questionnaire. 🙂

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