A Nice Note and a Couple of Pictures From Tina

A short time ago I posted a video and a couple of pictures of Tina and her family.

The other day, I got a nice email from her and a couple of more pictures. I decided to pass them on, so the rest of you can enjoy them. It seemed appropriate to do this today, on Dick Clark’s passing, since he had so much to do with her early career. She certainly isn’t the only performer he helped get started.

Phil and I really enjoyed the one we went to which was just south of Laguna Beach at a really nice hotel nestled in the mountains by the beach.  I can’t remember the name of the place, but it was nice seeing all my old classmates.

I really loved looking at the  YOUTUBE class photo that you posted here in this email.  Wow!  It’s so wonderful to have that photo available to look at and see how we used to look back in high school.  Phil and I found it amazing that all the girls were wearing skirts and dresses  with hemlines to the knees… all very modest and proper.  Today kids dress so sloppy and punky that it’s just such a contrast to our standards and cleanliness.  Do you know what I mean?  All the girls had well-arranged hairdos and they all looked so dressed up like they were going to church or something… Isn’t it strange how trends and different generations change their styles and “moral compass?”  It’s almost shocking how “wholesome” we look.  Squeaky clean!!! Crazy, isn’t it???

The photo with the four of us include our two daughters Kelly and Jessie.  That was taken at the Zucchini Festival last August where our band performed as the headliners.

Love to all my class of ’63,

Tina Edmundson-Volk and Phil Volk

fangfamilyphoto copy



Zuke fest frontline family

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