Do You Still Have Your Pylons?

I do. But I expect that several of you do not. I have not moved much since high school, so it has been easier for me to hang on to mine. I suspect that Pylons and the memories they contain often get misplaced when people move.

Seldom have I ever sat down and gone through one of my Pylon’s, but they certainly have proven to be a great reference over the years helping me put names to faces.

Did you know that you can buy a reprinted Pylon from for about $60? I subscribe to and get emails from them titled “The Blast”. I usually ignore them. Today I took a closer look and was led to the following page.

I’m not sure whether members can go there and browse like I did or not, so I have no idea whether this link will be useful or not at this point. However, I know that many of you are still listed on Classmates, even though Facebook is the current reigning queen of social networks.

Getting back to lost Pylons, there was also a link that allowed me (and I hope anyone) to browse through Pylons, page-by-page. Again, I am not sure as I write this, whether just anyone can explore a given Pylon or you have to be a paying Classmates subscriber. Anyway, here is the link.

If you try it, please let the rest of us know how/if it works for you by leaving a comment.

Below is a somewhat “random” page from the 1960 Pylon. By the way, you do get a pop-up advertisement from each time you view a given Pylon, but you can scroll from page to page uninterrupted. Also, the pages are displayed full screen.


Even if you do not want to replace your Pylons, this may be a way to use them as a reference as you begin to prepare for our 50th Reunion coming up in 2-1/2 years or so.

ADDENDUM: In checking the links out, I discovered that as of right now, only the 1960 Pylon is available. But the site says  more are being added every day.


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