Marvin Parish – Inventor/Entrepreneur

Hi Everyone,

First, let me wish you all a Happy Holidays and an ejoyable New Year! I hope you see this before Easter.  🙂

I received this email from our classmate, Marvin Parish. I was so impressed that I thought I would share it with the rest of you. I could have used something like this at many a UCLA football games. BTW I’m hopeful as always that the Bruins will be far better next year.  😦

I suspect this is only the tip of the success stories and interesting tales we all have experience in the last 48 years or so. Why not share yours here by writing a comment or two? 

From Marv:!/profile.php?id=1493437146

I spent a lot of time with my granddaughters softball games last summer. Since I showed up (with Skye) at all the practices the coach made me the team Grampa. I would back my truck in and Tracy and I would sit on the tailgate and watch the game. I probably took a thousand plus pics of different games and even practices of all the players. At the end of the season I gave the coach an electronic picture frame with a flash drive of all the season pics. He said it was awesome to relive the season. I did the same for Tracy. Anyway one day when I went back to my truck to sit on the tailgate, I was at least 160+ degrees. So, I looked at the receiver hitch and I knew right away how to build it. You can see the first one on my facebook page. Invented by Marv inspired by a hot butt!! I went to a patent attorney and found out that a guy had a patent on this since 2003 (only 7 years late) I felt sort of bad but since I hadn’t seen one I thought more  people need to see this thing. I contacted the inventor in MO, one thing led to another and I have the exclusive rights to sell these on ebay and I’m in the process of marketing it to other venders I decided to give half of all my proceeds to the Kings Daughters Hospital because they did a super job when Skye was there for 8 days with meningitis. I did a lot of praying and made a few deals with god during that week. I haven’t let him down yet!


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