Class Website Updated

I made a slight change to the address of our class website. Now instead of ending in “.mht” the home page and all of the other pages (I hope) end in the extension “.htm”. As it turns out, this change will allow those of you who are using Macs to access it with less difficulty, or you may be able to access it for the first time. 

I originally used the .mht extension, because it was easier for me. Michael England told me quite some time ago that this was a problem for Macs and maybe even some Windows PC browsers. However, I had too much time invested to compleytely change all of the pages, so the site has kind of been a mixture of the two extensions.

I just bought an Apple iPad and discovered that I could not access our class web site. That did it, I went through the site and coverted it over to the standard .htm extension. I think it is ok. If you end up at the old site you will be given a link to the new address. Update your bookmarks/favorites with the new address.

If you access the site from my website entry point, you will go to the right address. If you want to go to our class website directly use this link:

If you find bad links or inaccurate information, please let me now.

P.S. Next friday a few of us are heading to Gerald Miwa’s home in NC for a mini-reunion. Lots of siteseeing, including river rafting are on our list of activities. Look for a post reunion update in a few weeks.


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