Fall Mini-Reunion in North Carolina

In the fall of 2006, Gerald Miwa hosted a mini-reunion at his home in the Boston area of New England. Several of our classmates took Gerald up on his gracious hospitality and had a great time. There are a few pictures from this event on our website. Check them out by CLICKING HERE.

 Gerald now lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is planning to hold a similar event. Here is what he had to say in an email to me.

 I’m toying with the idea of sponsoring a mini-reunion here in Chapel Hill, NC, maybe this fall.  I’m trying to gauge if there would be any interest in this.  I suspect not too many of our classmates know much about NC and, besides showing folks around our area for UNC, Duke, the civil war and tobacco history, it might also be fun to take an overnight trip to western NC where we could drive along the Blue Ridge parkway to see the fall foliage and visit the Biltmore estate which was built by George Vanderbilt II in the late 1800s.

 Here is what I am currently thinking:

  1.   The tentative schedule for this mini-reunion would be: arrivals on Friday, Oct. 15, local activities on Oct. 16, overnight trip to western NC and fall tour on Oct 17, 18, drive back to Chapel Hill on Oct 19, with departures on Oct. 20.  
  2.  We are within 4-5 hr drive to several points of interest such as Williamsburg, VA, Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC, and Washington DC so folks can plan an extension around the reunion if desired.
  3.  I think it might be good to mention that I will need to cap this to a group of about 15-20 people so that I can have people over to our home for some meals and the organization of activities.

 Thanks, Gerald

Below there is a Survey/Poll to get a feel for just how many of our classmates might be interested in attending. Please take a moment to fill out the poll. If you would like to find out about the mini-reunion or to get your name on the list early, email Gerald directly at gerald_miwa@msn.com.

Here is the Poll


3 thoughts on “Fall Mini-Reunion in North Carolina

  1. YES! I’m looking forward to actually showing up this time, Gerald! Thanks to you and Barbara for the kind offer!

    • Hey Donna,

      that’s wonderful!!!

      This will be a little different than Boston. Here, we’ll shoot some possum for dinner and brew some moon shine for afterwords.

      I’ll follow up in a few weeks after we get more responses.


  2. Sorry we can’t make it this time. We’ll be in Colorado for our daughter’s birthday and grandson’s first birthday. We had such a great time at the last Miwa mini-reunion. Gerald and Barbara are wonderful hosts. You are guaranteed a good time!

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