Mrs. Gawthrop Turns 102!

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I just received the following in an email forwardrd me by JD Haas of the Oregon BBQ fame. Thanks JD! I’m posting it here without too much reformatting. I am going to look into the Class of 1981’s web site and provide a link to it from here. Hopefully they will do the same from their site.


Saturday June 27th, 2009

Class of 1984 Beach Gathering

 Information regarding The Class of 1984 gathering has been circulating within a small circle of friends on Facebook for the past few days. It takes place today 11 o’clock in the morning. Here are the pertinent details…

 Beach Day details: Hi everyone! Okay, it looks like Leah Rodriguez is going to set up shop at the beach on the corner of Beach Blvd. and PCH. There is a beach parking entrance there ($10/vehicle). She will be near Zach’s Shack shop and will have a LHS sign on the back of her White Titan truck. She will be there at 11:00 o’clock. – Kwan Lee ’84



Happy 102nd Birthday…

LHS Teacher Evelyn Barton Gawthrop

 A pert brown-eyed baby girl was born on a farm near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She was the first child of John Blaine and Lyda Beck Barton… and they named her Evelyn.

 She began her teaching career during the Great Depression with a class of 55-second graders in the Hawthorne Elementary School district’s Washington School. By the time she retired, she had taught every grade through the twelfth grade.

 Two of her elementary school students became well known. A little girl in one of her third grade classes grew up to be Norma Jean Baker who would later be known as Marilyn Monroe. Another child, Zoot Sims, grew up to be an accomplished alto saxophonist and eventually a great jazz musician.

 During World War II, when all the male teachers were scarce, Evelyn was offered the position of Director of Music at Leuzinger High School. Once again Evelyn was the leader of a proud marching band of 85 young musicians at the Tournament of Roses Parade on a New Year’s Day. While at Leuzinger High School, she taught physics, math and science, in addition to music. Her final assignment at Leuzinger was as a very effective counselor.

Evelyn’s greatest gift was her empathy and her skill in working with children and young people. They responded to her because she was a powerfully positive motivating force in their young lives. And, she was fun!

 Evelyn remains active. Her wonderful sense of humor belies her 102 years. She keeps up with current events and enjoys her life. If you sit next to her in church, you realize her fine clear singing voice is still strong and has remarkable range.

 We have been blessed to have this wonderful lady with us. She is a valuable treasure to everyone. We love and wish her happiness.

 Happy Birthday Evelyn!!!

 Sandra Castillo Suarez ’72

Vice-President CVUHSD

 Website News Article w/ photo…

 Full Article on Messageboards…



The Class of 1981 Website is the Leuzinger community’s primary source of information. Upon notification and request, we will provide a means of reaching out to other class years in the “In Memory of” gallery. Two new additions have been posted…

 Kimberly Weststrate – Class of 1990

“My sister Kim went to Hawthorne Intermediate and Leuzinger High School through her junior year. She moved with our mom her senior year, and transferred to Lake Elsinore High School. She graduated in 1990.” – Janette Westrate Green ’83

Debi Alegreia Doucakis – Class of 1975

We have older siblings who were classmates of Debi’s such as Brigitte Poublon, Patricia Reeve, Dawn Maloney, Irma Aguilar… and 1981 Bob Johnson’s wife Donna (whose last name has slipped from my memory).


2 thoughts on “Mrs. Gawthrop Turns 102!

  1. Mrs. Gawthrop passed away Friday evening, March 5 at 102 years. Arrangements are in the process of being made by her niece, Sue Corbin, who will notify Leuzinger contacts.

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