Dr. Arnt

I received this in an email from Vickie Bianco. Ron is Ron Sugar (’65) former LHS Student Body President, now the CEO of Northrop Grumann.


 Sheila and Linda,

I thought you might want to know that I just received a call from Dr Arnt’s sister in Michigan to say that Dr Arnt passed away last week. He was 90.

He is donating his body to a local medical school for research, and there will be no service. There will be an obituary in the local paper (not sure if that is LA Times or Daily Breeze) soon, she wasn’t sure when. I will Google for it in a few days.

We kept in touch with him over the years through Christmas cards and an occasional telephone call. Since his wife Flora died a good number of years ago,20he has lived on his own, but with a caregiver during the day for driving etc. His sister said he had a full life and while he slowed down considerably, he managed reasonably well until the last year or two.

He was a very positive influence on Valerie and me as we got his good counsel on college preparation and options at Leuzinger.  I enjoyed his chemistry class a lot.

Due to a long-standing schedule conflict, not sure that Valerie and I will be able to make the LHS reunion in September. Perhaps you might pass on the news then to others whom he taught or counseled.

Sorry for the bad tidings, but thought you would want to know.


1 thought on “Dr. Arnt

  1. One day in Dr.Arnt’s class my fellow student Trenton Parker decided to get under Dr.Arnt’s skin. He said “Dr. Arnt, when you were in high school you were probably the shy, quiet kid who was in the background and hardly anyone knew you were there.” Dr. Arnt replied “I was senior class President.” A shocked Trenton Parker replied “So am I.” Everyone got a laugh at Trenton’s expense.

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