Changes to Our Blog and Tips

Those of you who have visited the blog more than once in the past week or so, may have noticed some format changes. I am still tweaking it a bit. This may continue a bit longer.

Also, you undoubtedly noticed that the most recent post is on top of the page with the others shown in reverse chronological order. That may be a little awkward for you, unless you routinely visit blogs or forum threads on the internet. The general layout of blogs has been optimized to promote regular monitoring by the reader. So come back frequently and check out the newest posts.

There is a neat tool that you may want to use to help you do this. It is called Real Simple Syndication or RSS for short. By taking advantage of this you can get an email whenever a post or comment to a post has been added to a blog.

To set up an RSS feed for our blog posts or comments, just click on the red RSS buttons at the top left of the page.   There is a button for Entries and Comments. That way, you don’t have to bother checking out the blog on your own. When something is added, you get notified.

If you have any trouble with this, let me know. I’ll try to help you.  

The Category listing, Calendar and other links help you navigate the blog contents. In time as more content is provided, these links will become very useful.

Until next time,



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