More Nostalgia

I thought it would be a pretty easy task to go to our web site and quickly transfer the links to nostalgic web sites that have been posted there for some time. The first thing I discovered was that certain links don’t work anymore. This once again pointed the difficulty of keeping a web site current and relevant. A blog (Web Log) by nature is more dynamic and informal.

If I post a link to a web site here, and there is an error or at some point it becomes a dead end, anyone discovering the problem can simply point it out in a quick comment.

See how easy it was to shift the maintenance of a blog to its readers. 🙂

Here’s one link that is still around, but probably has changed its appearance since it first was discovered by Marsha:

From Marsha Blankenship Herrick (1-2-06)


By the way, I am still learning about the blog features that are available to me and have not implemented a couple I do know how to use in this blog yet.

Until next time,



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